Strategic decisions are what our business’ existence and growth are based upon. Strategic Business Decision Making courses are available to train managers and equip them with skills and perspective to take a broader view of things and plan and carry out operations and other business activities for effective results.

Mid and higher-level managers and leaders of companies have to plan carefully, considering all the aspects of a business, about how to successfully run and grow a company in the long run. They have to evaluate a situation, assess alternative solutions, take decisions, and satisfy stakeholders.

Strategic business decision making courses – An Intro

Strategic business decision making requires a lot of research, in-depth knowledge of the business and industry, and an unbiased temperament. Such decisions make the foundation of any business, and hence must be given their due time and effort.

Strategic decision makers have to ensure that the decisions taken are empirically valid, stand the test of time, and comply with proven principles.

With their decisions, managers have to satisfy all the important decision makers–board members, investors, employees, customers, etc.

There are courses like ‘Decision making skills for leaders’ by Accordemy which prepare managers to make and implement important financial, accounting and other business decisions to run and grow their company. They can be accessed at various locations in the world. You can even use these courses in training your company’s employees.

Accordemy’s courses are designed to learn, transform and perform for better results.

A brief about the course’s advantages and uses: A strategic business decision making course will help you and your managers observe and analyse a business situation.

It helps you identify the situation when a business decision is required. You will gain knowledge about the best decision-making methods.

You are provided knowledge and skills to empirically study all the factors affecting the business situation, and come up with alternative solutions that can be implemented.

An important part of the process is to evaluate each alternative on various parameters and choose the best option.

You will also learn about the challenges that occur in the business decision making process, and how to tackle them.

Once you have decided on the way forward, it is important to communicate the decision in a right manner to the board members and other stakeholders, so that there is no friction while implementing it.

The last thing you learn in a strategic business decision making course is to implement your decision effectively, and evaluating its results.

These concepts will help you in the development of your personal and your organisation’s performance.

The following sections will elaborate more on the course ‘Decision Making Skills for Leaders’, and how it can help you and your employees gain the skills to carry out strategic decisions successfully.

Features of the course ‘Decision Making Skills for Leaders’

Following are the features of the course that make it suitable for your organisation:

  • Accessibility: This programme can be accessed at various locations in the world. Whether you have a team of managers spread across the globe or located domestically, you can assign the Decision-making course to them.
  • Individually or in groups: The course, Decision Making Skills for Leaders, can be undertaken individually, in groups, or as part of a company’s in-house training programme.
  • Course: It offers training on effective decision making, planning the processes and systems of decision making, managing the elements of the decision making environment, and winning agreements from stakeholders.
  • Customization: As different organizations have different structures and styles of working, they have different training needs. The course, therefore, can be customized to suit the needs of your organization and that of your employees.
  • Languages: Since, every industry is becoming international these days, and employee bases are spread across different continents, there is a need to provide courses in different languages. This course is available in languages other than English. You can contact Accordemy to confirm about the availability of the Decision making course in the language of your preference.
  • Affordability: You can even combine two or more courses and avail them as per your suitability and budget. You can even avail group discounts by sending them a query.

Who should take a strategic business decision making course and why?

If you are a decision maker, then you should take this course. If you want to train the managers and leaders in your company to take realistic and sound decisions, you should enroll them into this course.

The Decision Making Skills for Leaders is a course designed for mid and high-level managers and leaders in a company.

It is  for small and medium-enterprise managers and leaders who have to make important decisions daily.

Our managers should take a Decision Making Skills course to:

  • Forecast potential problems: It helps managers to analyse business and industry data and identify scenarios when problems may occur and to find solutions for the same.
  • Help the company grow: It helps one learn to plan and manage operations and make strategic decisions that help a company grow continuously.
  • Create a strong foundation: It’s essential to allow and enable sound strategic decision making for management, as managers carry the baton of an organisation, and make the pillars on which your business stands.
  • Provide clarity of goals: When the leaders of a company have the clarity and confidence to plan and execute business decisions well, the rest of the employees find themselves capable of executing tasks with a clear goal and focus.

What you’ll learn in the Decision Making Skills for Leaders course?

This is a three-day course covering various aspects of a business. Here, we discuss the decision making course’s outline. These three days are well-planned and streamlined to cover all the relevant aspects of the decision making process and to train managers to make a positive difference in the organisation.

Following is an overview of what is covered in this course, by days:

1. Day one of the course

In the day one of the course, the concept, its importance and overview of decision making is covered.

  • Features of a good corporate decision
  • Challenges faced by managers in coming to a sound decision
  • Why decision-making is important
  • How managers at different levels have to take and carry out different types of decisions

2. Day two of the course

On the second day of the course, we cover how to analyse available information and to find the best solution to a situation. It teaches managers to streamline activities as per their importance.

  • Analyzing a corporate scenario to find the need for a decision
  • Understanding cause and effect models
  • Identifying the root cause of a problem
  • Evaluating and identifying alternative solutions
  • Prioritization techniques

3. Day three of the course

On the third day of the course, the managers are trained how to build agreement among the stakeholders regarding a decision. No matter how good a decision is, unless everybody important is happy with it, it’s difficult to go through with successfully. One learns to:

  • Engage the stakeholder in the issue and related decisions
  • Plan the communication of a decision to the stakeholders in a way that there is consensus
  • Build build strategic agreements
  • Identify and deal with hidden agendas
  • Find efficient ways to implement difficult decisions without much friction

Training on decision making is important to be able to take strategic economic and other decisions for effective results.

Location of the course


This course can be accessed in various locations around the globe, which means that you or your employees can access this course with ease. This course is available in the following locations, in general:

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Bangkok
  • Dallas
  • Delhi
  • Dubai
  • Houston
  • Istanbul
  • Kaula Lumpur
  • London
  • New York
  • Singapore
  • Washington DC

Check the dates of the courses at these locations when enrolling.

For training of groups in other locations, you can send Accordemy a query.

Pricing and group queries

The price of the course ranges from $1,545.00 – $2,878.00, depending upon the location you choose. Discounts may apply if you are looking to train a group, or want to incorporate this programme in your company’s in-house training of employees.

The fees of the course Decision Making skills for leaders includes the following:

  • Tuition fee
  • Certificate fee
  • Study material
  • Meals, including lunch and refreshment
  • A social program conducted after the training

 The fee does not cover the following elements:

  • Visa, travel and insurance cost
  • Accommodation expenses
  • Personal expenses
  • Cost of other meals

If you’d like to train a group of managers, then you can send your query with the details of your location, customization requirement, language preference, etc. through Accordemy’s online query form.

Professional benefits of the course

This course trains managers to make a difference in the company’s growth and progress. It prepares a manager to become a leader who can plan, make decisions, and ensure effective implementation of the decisions that can shape the future of a company.

  • Plan decision-making system: The course teaches a business decision maker to streamline and manage the process of decision-making in the company. You will be able to assess the existing systems or create new systems to ensure that decision-making is smooth, efficient and effective. You will study effective methods of business decision making.
  • Control environment: You’ll be able to identify the elements that can affect the process of decision making in your company and understand the origin of those elements. This helps you to manage the elements in the favour of a good strategic decision.
  • Prioritizing alternatives: You will develop skills to recognise alternative solutions in your business decision making process and rank them by importance.
  • Evaluate options: You’ll be able to analyse options, identify and manage risks, evaluate costs and benefits of a decision. This will ensure that your decisions are based on empirical evidence and have high probability of success.
  • Strategic scenario structure and planning tools
  • Win agreements: You will be able to communicate your decisions in a way that you win agreements among or get constructive feedback from the main stakeholders.

What you get out of the course

Accordemy course certificate

As a participant of the course ‘Decision Making Skills for Leaders,’ you will:

  • Get certificate of course completion, that will add value to your portfolio and LinkedIn profile
  • Have unlimited and lifetime free access to the decision making course material on the website
  • Be able to participate in related online discussion groups for free, forever
  • Get discounted rates for any course you wish to take with Accordemy in the future


Decision making courses are essential to structure the way our leaders forecast future business needs, and act proactively to take and implement decisions. Knowing the right methods and processes to take decisions is important to be efficient and effective.

Managers not only have to provide solutions, but also need to ensure that they have all the stakeholders on board with the decisions. This helps create a healthy and productive work environment. Post-implementation evaluations and adjustments are also important.

Taking a course on decision making helps train managers in all these skills, adding to their ability to lead.

The price of the course Decision Making Skills for Leaders is affordable, the course is accessible in terms of both location and language, and the programme is structured to cover all the aspects of decision making, so that the learners can derive measurable benefits from it.

Some of the related courses on Accordemy for managers are Supply chain management, Monitoring and evaluation, Leadership development, Human resource management, etc.

You can visit their website to learn more about their courses. Choose what works best for you and your team to be able to take decisions that can make a difference.

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