This article contains information regarding the phases of planning, realization, and post-realization of the Human Resources Management course.

This Human Resources management course took place in the Marco Polo meeting room, located in The Office Operators Up Building B.V., Amsterdam.

The expected outcome of this Human Resources management course was:
Strong coordination in the phase of:
Post – realization; 
Above all, high commitment to learn and to apply that knowledge;
High discipline throughout the course;
Collaborative, interactive, innovative and committed;
Able to meet the participant’s needs and requirements;
Proper approach or strategies such as planning, on-going, and post-implementation;
Strong teamwork and team management training;

Planning the Human Resources Management Course

Due to planning the Human Resources management course in Amsterdam, the facilitator was able to identify and adjust slides from an existing source, covering a workshop of 5 days to be implemented in 3 days. She was able to develop a training protocol as her own operational plan with a set of priority activities, a list of operational modules and detailed time management.

Above all the role of coordination and communication between the participants of the course is important for successful team management training. The facilitator managed to obtain good communication with the participant involved in the Human Resources Management course. In particular, he was provided the queries on contract preparation, dynamics, and general management of the training course.

Realization of the Human Resources Management course

On the first day of the training course, the facilitator and the participant were not able to meet at the venue. Therefore, the facilitator used the spare time to focus on combining the activities from the first day with the ones from the second day by associating theory with practice.

On the second day of the Human Resources Management course in Amsterdam, the facilitator and the participant managed to meet at the venue. They began the opening session by introducing themselves and reviewed the dynamics of the training course.

The first phase of the Human Resources Management course was to explain the theoretical part of the training course to the participant, step by step through interactive discussion while exchanging ideas and brainstorming in order to define the concept and framework of highlighted elements. The next phase was the exercise session. Therefore, the purpose of the exercise session was to define how the participant absorbed the theory and whether he is able to apply it in practice.

Post-realization of the HR course

The anticipated outcome of the first day of the training course was fully achieved. Therefore the participant fully absorbed the theory and successfully applied it in practice.

As a result of this outcome, the participant is able to:

On the second day of the training course, the facilitator and the participant began their session by reviewing key concepts of Human Resources Management. Afterward, the facilitator presented the theoretical and the practical session to the participant with a similar approach as the previous day.

However, the outcome was learning to improve the coordination and communication between employees, by creating:

  • Effective capacity building/training programs
  • Effective staff meetings
  • Better staff performance and control systems 
  • Initiate a realistic plan to build a sustainable organization

The participant drafted an initiative plan that required strategic issues and planning skills developed during the Human Resources Management course. The initiative plan consisted of specific issues, his approach in solving them through locus activities and establishing an expected outcome. The participant received a training certificate due to completing the last stage of the HR management course in Amsterdam.

In conclusion, the HR management course was a moderate success. The participant was able to go through with the course, he was actively participating in the team HR management training, also he was highly motivated and eager to learn. By participating in this course, he has improved his skills and knowledge in obtaining better coordination and communication between his colleagues and employees.

Training Location

The training location was a valuable part of the Human Resources Management course, located in downtown Amsterdam. The Office Operators Up Building BV offers an outstanding quality of services and facilities.

It had high accessibilities, such as:

  • Accessible by public transportation;
  • Adjacent to Amsterdam Central Station
  • Strategically positioned in Amsterdam Centrum, the central business district, and a famous tourist spot, a short distance from Schiphol airport.
  • Convenient place for business meetings;

Amsterdam is a European city that has excellent accessibility by air, by rail as well as road. It is an ideal destination for hosting global meetings. The culture of Amsterdam is attractive and enables visitors to have not only memorable meetings but also great experiences after business hours. The city is packed with cultural, historical and architectural delights (museums, restaurants, cafés, shopping centers, exciting nightlife).

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