The idea behind this course was to present strategies that will help leaders in managing difficult people and challenging situations. It provides proven principles for effectively coping with and managing all kinds of difficult personalities.

Human behavior is not constant and can be influenced by many factors, such as situational context and individual perspective. That being said, some people may appear more difficult to manage and lead than others. Therefore, the leaders and managers should know how to successfully deal with this type of situation. Consequently, interaction with difficult people can cause stress, decreased productivity, and create a hostile work atmosphere.


In other words, this course provided leaders with:

  • Firstly, an understanding of why people can sometimes be difficult;
  • Human behavior patterns and the variety of personalities;
  • An understanding of why all people are different;
  • Tools to prevent manipulation by difficult people;
  • The confidence to interact and manage variety of people;
  • The skills to effectively apply conflict resolution methods;
  • Additionaly, techniques to de-escalate situations through tactful word choice;
  • Together with techniques to give criticism adequately;
  • Last but not least, the ability to apply assertiveness and see immediate results;

The course will help the participants a lot in their work environment, given that it focused on people’s characters and how to deal with each one. It explains the scientific theories of how people react to the manager’s messages and how they distribute to his subordinates. The course showed the challenges and difficulties while dealing with difficult people and how leaders should react in these situations.

Participants of the Managing Difficult People course
The participants and the facilitator on the first day of the Managing difficult people course

Course attendees

Successful and aspiring team leaders with exceptional communication skills attended the Managing Difficult People course. The participants have a rich experience and high education, which naturally made the course sessions exceedingly rich with discussions.

Course methodology

Importantly, the training methodology fixated on both theoretical and practical sides. The course explored different theories about leadership, management, types of difficult people and how to deal with each type, types of people based on how they receive the manager’s messages. Ultimately, the course was rich with discussions, videos, case studies, and group questions.

Managing Difficult People Course Curriculum

On day 1 the course covered the following aspects,

  • Firstly, pre-training quiz;
  • Human behavior and comprehension;
  • Communication challanges with different people;
  • Establishing clear understanding;
  • What are ”difficult people”;
  • Cultural diversities that affect comprehension and reaction;
  • Last, but not leat – The Perception Divide;

Day 2

  • The Communication Process;
  • Following by the communicaton barriers;
  • Choice and control;
  • Emotional Intelligence;
  • What causes difficult behavior?
  • Developing trust
  • Ultimately gaining rapport;
The last day of Managing difficult people course
The participants and the facilitator on the last day of the Managing difficult people course

On the last day, day 3, the participants learned about:

  • Challenging behavior;
  • Outcome thinking;
  • In detail, listening for understanding;
  • Questioning for specifics;
  • Influensing framework;
  • Adequate strategies for responding to different behavior styles;
  • Alternatively, appreciating the impact of different styles of behavior;
  • Lastly, a post-training quiz;

The participants of the Managing Difficult People course gave their feedback at the end of each training day. As they cited, they were satisfied with the course’s dynamics, the discussions, and the information given throughout the course. Except for some technical difficulties, the participants didn’t face any problems and challenges while attending the course.

Participant receiving a certificate for completing the Accordemy's course
One of the participants receiving a certificate of completion

Course details

The Managing Difficult People course took place in Istanbul, Turkey. It started on the 28th of June and ended on the 8th of July, 2021. The timing and the venue where the course was held were convenient and suitable for all course participants. The venue was great and suitable for hosting such training courses. They have served complimentary coffee and lunch in a respectable manner. In addition to that, the staff of the hotel was very welcoming, and the city overall is an amazing place to host such training.

To conclude, Here is a documented video recording of the Managing Difficult People course, that will help you to better understand its dynamics.

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