Effective Proposal Writing Workshop in Iraq

This article covers the drafting, operational and post-operational phases of the Effective Proposal Writing Workshop, for national Risk Education actors held in Erbil, Iraq. Accord Worldwide organized the Effective Proposal Writing Workshop in association with a client that has been supporting and collaborating with the Iraqi Government and local NGOs.…

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HRM Training In Lisbon

Located along the right side of the Tagus estuary, Lisbon has its special attractions and stands proudly at the side of the Atlantic Ocean. We write this post after getting impressed with the enthusiasm of training participants from human resources management course in Lisbon. Lisbon was the muse that inspired the…

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Human Resource Management Training

Modern day management is all about motivated employees, team spirit and innovation. It requires employee mindsets as entrepreneurs and partners which is on the contrary to traditional human resource management practices. Today's organizations need to have variable employee contracting mechanisms, benefit packages, retention strategies and succession programs. We are sharing…

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