This article will review the Hospital Management course, held by Accordemy, from 21st to 25th October 2019, in London. The course took place in the meeting room of the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel.

Hospitality Management is an important tool in learning about how to manage a hospital, its administration, patient care, and practice management. Also, this course provided knowledge in managing entire facilities and medical practice groups of physicians. It’s beneficial to many healthcare professionals who want to take their careers to the next level and nourish their skills.
Proper hospital and relevant medical management is the key to delivering apposite healthcare facilities. The scenario of patient management throughout the globe, especially, requires more effort and demands urgent attention from the respective authorities. The present scientific and technical advancement related to medical issues is also helpful in effective hospital management.

This course held by Accordemy was suitable for most members of our society. It offered the skills that are vital and crucial in this digital age we live in.

All the benefits from the Hospital Management course

This course provided its participants with numerous skills through various methods.

  • The training programs focused on the importance of direct communication with patients;
  • Secondly, the course provided extensive knowledge about different important health and healthcare topics;
  • They learned why it’s so important to communicate effectively with the health department and the staff;
  • Also, the participants learned the strategies for improving the efficiency in healthcare and hospitals.

Day one of the course on hospital management

  • At the beginning of the first day, the participants had an introduction covering the course’s dynamic.
  • After that, they were introduced to the fundamentals and basic principles of hospital management;
  • The following topic covered the basics of hospital administration and how to manage it successfully;
  • And at the end of the first day, the participants learned the basics of hospital medical services.

Day two of the course

  • The second day of the course began with an introduction to medical law;
  • Then, the participants learned about the importance of proper patient care in hospital management;
  • The next topic was on how to successfully manage the healthcare administration;
  • And last but not least, a lesson on medical procedure understanding.

Day three

  • The third day opened with an introduction to communication skills in managing a hospital;
  • The next topic was how to handle a personality development in management;
  • Followed by a lesson on how to handle different people and pressure in the workplace;
  • Lastly, the participants learned about personal development and decision-making ability;

Day four

  • On the fourth day, the participants first focused on the importance of verbal and communication skills in hospital management.
  • Then, they were introduced to the relation of policy issues in healthcare;
  • Next lesson was on health service administration and how to manage it successfully;
  • And the last one for day four was a lesson on efficiently maintaining hospital records.

The last day of the course

  • On the last of the hospital management course, the participants participated in a real case scenario. They used all of the skills and knowledge they obtained throughout the course.
  • Then, after the real case scenario, the participants made a medical documentation of a hospital case study.
  • After that, they learned about white paper preparation and its importance in hospital management;
  • At the end of the last day, the had a Q&A session, where the participants asked about various topics and interests.
A participant in the Hospital Management course receiving a certificate of completion
One of the participants in the Hospital Management course receiving a certificate of completion

What did the participants receive after the Hospital Management course?

  • The participants received a certificate of course completion issued by Accordemy;
  • A lifetime free access to the online version of the course material;
  • A lifetime free membership in related online discussion groups;
  • And a discounted fee for future courses that are part of Accordemy.

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