Advanced Human Resources Management is the strategic approach to the effective management of people in a company or an organization.

Nowadays, Human Resource Management is more appreciated and valued. The focus of this Advanced Human Resources Management course is providing immediate results in performance and competitive success in both small and large businesses.

The Advanced Human Resources Management course that was held in London, helped leaders effectively manage their teams and successfully reach the organization’s goals.

The participants of this course were expected to:
– Learn the value of employees because they are the greatest asset of any successful business;
– Get substantial knowledge in Human Resources Management;
– Provide their employees with the best employment packages;
– Gain new planning skills and modern recruitment tools and
– Improve their Human Resources Management skills.

The realization of the Advanced Human Resources Management course

A former Royal Air Force officer was the facilitator of the Advanced Human Resources Management course, while the participants were senior Air Force officers. The facilitator organized the course as a workshop that equally included all of the participants in both the learning and the group working process.

On the first day, the facilitator focused on introducing the participants with the importance of the people in an organization. Alongside that, he also focused on the importance of specifying every employee’s role, job requirements, grades, and salary scales. Furthermore, the facilitator discussed with the participants about workforce planning, outsourcing, and distance employment.
On day two, the focus of the workshop was the benefit of proper human resources management. They discussed the equally important career and leadership development, as well as team equality and diversity.
On the third day, the participants debated on employment and personnel policies, and records, as well as HR training and development.

On day four, the workshop discussed and worked on several topics, such as:
– Managing promotions and regular employee engagement;
– Organizing employee assistance programs;
– Obtaining safe facilities in the workplace;
– Achieving personal wellness;
– Ways to prevent violence in the workplace and
– How to involve employees in strategic management and encourage diversity;

On the final, fifth day of the HRM course, the participants focused on summarizing and evaluating the outcome of the course. They did a post-course test to determine whether the course was successful and truly met their expectations.

The outcome of the course

Both the participants and the facilitator were satisfied with the course’s dynamic, progress, and outcome.
The participants were particularly content with the working atmosphere in the workshop and the friendly yet professional attitude of the facilitator.

The facilitator of Advanced Human Resource Management Training in London with Course Participants.
The facilitator with the participants of the Advanced Human Resources Management

Training location

The Advanced Human Resources Management course took place in a meeting room in Colindale Student Accommodation.
Colindale property offers a perfect balance between quiet, modern London and the busy, exciting streets of Central London.
The meeting room had individual computers, excellent internet connection, and a comfortable seating arrangement. The venue exceeded the participants’ expectations and therefore made their entire experience pleasant.

In conclusion, the course was successful. The facilitator and the participant were satisfied with the program and its interpretation. The participants improved their skills and obtained additional knowledge while fulfilling the facilitator’s expectations.

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