Modern day management is all about motivated employees, team spirit and innovation. It requires employee mindsets as entrepreneurs and partners which is on the contrary to traditional human resource management practices. Today’s organizations need to have variable employee contracting mechanisms, benefit packages, retention strategies and succession programs. We are sharing some of the discussions we have in our five days training of advanced human resource management training which is designed for freshmen to senior human resource professionals.

  • Understand the importance of regarding people as the organization’s most important asset
  • Learn how an organization should manage its Human Resources
  • Confidently recruit the right person with the right package of benefits
  • Workforce planning
  • Use the most effective recruitment options and modern tools
  • Understand appropriate reward philosophy and strategy
  • Non monetary benefits and how to maximize their effectiveness
  • Human Resources development and its benefits

Understand the importance of regarding people as the organization’s most important asset

Modern day organization’s only survive if they are competitive in their market and innovative enough to catch up the ever growing customer expectations. This will apply to all kinds of organizations (public, private, non-profit). Innovation comes from people who are committed to the vision and mission of the organization. Even in manufacturing factories, design and careful finishing determines the market value and customer satisfaction of the product outlining the importance of innovative employees. This proves that an HR manager must recognize that people is the organization’s most important asset, even though it cannot be booked in the accounting system as an asset 🙂 . The Accordemy training of Advanced Human Resource Management provides you with practical strategies on how to systematically ensure all managers and senior executives realize this fact through the organization policies.

Modern techniques that an organization should manage its Human Resources

Soon you will be using A.I. for human resource management. Will that be an assistant to the HR manager? Or a leave request processing assistant to the relevant officer? From technology to legal, environmental and various other factors affect your human resource management. You can’t rely on traditional or outdated strategies and approaches and compete in the market.

Confidently recruit the right person with the right package of benefits

The cost of hiring has been estimated for different industries and you can find out how much on average it costs your organization to hire for which position. While cost burden increases on every aspect, your strategic and wise recruitment will save a lot of costs for the organization and will be a game changer. Traditional approaches of checking qualifications, skills are still helpful, but the advanced human resource management training will help you find out how to scientifically and objectively assess behavior of the candidate. Yes, there are various tools that are accredited by independent parties and have been proven to be reliable. Even if you are already using it, we have something for you. We keep an eye on updates and include them in the training program.

The other main aspect is setting the right package of benefits. It has been proven that monetary benefits are not the main motivation for employees to contribute with their best work output. You need to maintain an offering that is minimum matching the basic needs by a market assessment (e.g. a food basket assessment also known as the basic needs basket assessment) – in some countries a minimum wage is already defined by law. Or you have to offer a market competitive monetary benefit. However, that is not enough to motivate and help key staff retention. The package, that you might be already offering, needs to be assessed and include many non-monetary packages including value of the job, opportunity of growth, acknowledgements and meaningful recognitions.

Workforce planning

You are happy with the number of personnel requested by various departments and their resource planning, but when you perform proper resource leveling, you will find out there are many tasks that can be performed by part time freelancers or outsourced to professional firms. This is a strategic decision that can vary from one to another organization, however, there are benefits in considering non-traditional staffing (including distance, part time, consultancies and even internships).

Use the most effective recruitment options and modern tools

In the Advanced Human Resource Management Training, we discuss updates on staff requisition forms (that can be automated by ERP’s), we also discuss various mechanisms that vacancies could be advertised on various platforms by single click and how your information technology people can set this up.

Further, you will get into update information about 360 degree interviews and scientific tools that can give you insight of candidate’s behavior traits.

Understand appropriate reward philosophy and strategy

It is an established fact that rewards effectiveness goes under question by simple errors in the procedure. From senior management bias and interference to department level interpretations, it all can affect the impact your reward strategy can have on the employee and the team at large. The Human Resource Management Training will cover relevant discussions that can equip you with successful strategies – based on proven results.

Non monetary benefits and how to maximize their effectiveness

The employee of the month or a certificate of appreciation can play an important role in motivating your staff members. You probably already do this and see the results. In some cases, results are negative. Whom to blame? We find out what is wrong with our benefits approaches and what can be done to maximize its effectiveness in an efficient way.

Human Resources development and its benefits

An important aspect of professional human resource management is the human resource development. Systematic training needs assessment that identifies a realistic area of improvement for each staff member is the key to successful outcome for your investment. Further, the connection of the training program to practical daily work of the employee is of equal importance. During this training, participants will go through proper training and development strategies that includes from planning, budgeting, training needs assessment, delivery of training programs, connecting them to KPI’s and practice of staff members and further the impact assessment of your training interventions on general performance.

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