The purpose of the proposal development training was to provide local non-governmental organizations with the knowledge and skill-set to produce high-quality proposals. Furthermore, those proposals should respond to the guidelines for international donors and United Nations acquirement processes.

Proposal Development Training participants

The organization process of the Proposal Development Training

Accordingly, Accord Worldwide provided a detailed curriculum, schedule of training, course materials, and processes for the proposal development training. In addition to that, they also administered:

  • The technical expertise of the trainer;
  • The training plan;
  • As well as, detailed personnel and equipment UNMAS support package;

In terms of organization and effectiveness of the training, Accord met all the requirements and expectations, accordingly SOW. The overall implementation plan included the following:

  • A detailed proposal and management plan;
  • A detailed daily schedule was dispersed to all stakeholders and participants well in advance;
  • Set of course materials – video clips, PPTs, and sample proposals of USAID, DFID, and EU;

The training program methodologies

The trainers learned about detailed training methodologies and implemented them during the five-day training. These methodologies engage all participants with a high degree of a participatory approach.

  • The training program included PowerPoint presentations covering all aspects of Proposal Writing processes and principles with case studies and teamwork;
  • Additionally, the participants encountered live examples related to Mine Action and Services;
  • Various games and explanations covered topics like problem tree analysis, stakeholder participation, prioritization, dense marginalization, and poverty definitions. Moreover, topics like power structure, dynamics and various forms of Advocacy, selection of beneficiaries, focus, and trends in involving stakeholders.
  • The trainer used these games to make sure all participants take part and enjoy the game outside the training. Then he was able to sit back and analyze the meaning, essence, and relevance to proposal writing. All participants have particularly enjoyed this process which was very special and empowering. Most participants have rated this process as the most effective way to de-mystify the concepts and complex jargon in development.
Problem tree analysis

Realisation process of the proposal development training

The participants were in three working groups and worked on all group tasks with presentations by each group’s reporter. At the end of the training, each group was asked to develop and present an LFA prototype. The prototype should select one district as the target area to implement Mine Action and Rehabilitation Services.

The participants watched motivational videos about the purpose of life, from successful disabled boys and girls despite their disabilities. Afterward, they all requested copies of the videos and highly rated this activity.

The participants learned about:

  • Proposal writing and principles of business writing;
  • Preparatory activities;
  • Project proposal components;
  • LFA/LFM Narrative proposal writing;
  • Procedures in proposal writing;
  • Donor’s requirement in proposals;
  • Procedures and steps in proposal submission, etc.

The outcome of the training

It is needless to say that organizing such training in Mogadishu, Somalia would be challenging. To organize and finish the training despite the inherent challenges of this troubled country is truly a success. The trainer and the coordinator were able to manage the entire training ensuring high-quality inputs and high levels of satisfaction.

The training methodology included pre and post evaluation processes. Most participants were new to the terms, phrases, and concepts of development proposal writing. All of them were extremely satisfied with the process and outcome of the training. They appreciated the interactive approach used by the trainer and also the methods he used.

This proposal development training was held in March 2016, in Peace Hotel, Mogadishu. Here is a video documentation of the event.

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