Why is Project Management important?

Advanced Project Management is what brings leadership and direction to every working project. It provides motivation, inspiration, and vision to the working team, which leads to a successful project.

A man overlooks various teams.
A project manager needs to be able to communicate to all aspects of their company

Without a proper project management plan, the team is exposed to poor management, unclear objectives, and unrealistic planning. This leads to poor quality project deliverables, going over budget, and delivering late. Project Management is all about using effective tools and techniques that deliver high-quality products and services on time. The project manager needs to coordinate and motivate the team, manage the resources and make sure they meet the deadlines.

This course provided the participants with extensive knowledge about these tools and techniques. It also included skills to control and monitor the progressing project, in order for it to be successful. The Advanced Project Management course was conducted for the Ministry of Agriculture in Sudan, in the Arabic language.

Advanced Project Management is crucial for successful projects

Who attended the Advanced Project Management Course?

Project Management is an essential part of many industries today. Project managers serve the team, but also ensure simple lines of accountability. Therefore, with a project manager in place, there’s no confusion about who’s in charge and whatever’s going on in a project. They enforce processes and keep everyone in line because ultimately they carry responsibility for whether the project fails or succeeds.
Project managers, officers, and leaders found this course valuable because it expanded their knowledge of management principles. This knowledge will help them manage and lead their future projects more successfully.

The benefits from attending this course

  • Firstly, the participants will understand the difference between Classic and Modern Project Management
  • Secondly, they will understand the fundamental principles of Modern Project Management
  • They will obtain skills to monitor numerous on-going projects
  • Also, they will obtain skills to manage and plan numerous project budgets
  • Most importantly, the participants will learn leadership skills for Modern Project Management
  • And above all, an understanding of Human Resources Management when handling multiple projects.

Day one

  • On the first day, the participants received an introduction to Modern Project Management
  • Followed by a brief history of Project Management and recent progresses on the field
  • Subsequently, the differences between Classic and Modern Project Management
  • Finally, they recieved an agenda for planning on multiple projects.

Day two of the course

  • On the second day, the participants begun with learning about estimating scope and volume of multiple projects
  • Followed by learning about task analysis and Human Resource planning
  • Next on the agenda were extensive lessons of quality control and performance management
  • Then followed an explanation on why is important to set a Project Goal and Objectives
  • Last but not least, knowing the difference between projects and programs.

Day three of the course

  • On the third day, the participants learned about project indicators and source/means of verification
  • Then, about assumptions when planning out a project development plan
  • After that, the participants engaged in practical work on possible project scenarios
  • They learned how to monitor various types of projects
  • And the true importance of monitoring and quality control during the project.

Day four of the Advanced Project Management Course

  • The first thing on the fourth day’s agenda were project’s monitoring plans
  • Followed by learning about Safety and Green initiaves and technology in Project Management
  • Next, the participants learned the importance of communication skills in managing multiple projects
  • And finally, proper financial management and fraud prevention for project managers.

The last day of the Advanced Project Management Course

  • On the last day of the course, the participants learned how to do a total quality management
  • They also learned about project management softwares for different fields and variations
  • The proper utilization of results in project planing and development
  • And lastly and most importantly, how to do a continuous quality improvement by using monitoring.

At the end of this course, the participants received:

  • A certificate of course completion issued by Accord Worldwide
  • As well as a lifetime free access to online version of the course material
  • A lifetime free membership in related online discussion groups
  • And a discounted fee for any future courses.

Here is a video presentation explaining the dynamic of the course.

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