Mastering Project Management

Background: At any type of project, the project manager needs to ensure the overall goal is achieved with the available resources, set standards, and on time. This is simple to state; however, it requires various sets of skills and tools in practice; the morals and motivation of people involved is…

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Customer Focused Management

Background: In modern customer care management, a smile and answering questions is so common that it has almost lost value. It is the entire organization which determines how customer focused the company is. A customer focused organization will consider the customer while setting policies, while hiring new staff, while training…

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Managing Service Level Agreement

Background: This practical course will help you manage service level agreements with more efficiency. It is a growing need in every organization to have proper supplier/stakeholder management capacity at front line levels. This qualification offers a unique, affordable, cost-effective opportunity for learners to ensure they meet the competitive market demands.…

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